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Seth Killian is one of the developers for Rising Thunder.

Seth is a staff member of and participant in the Evolution tournament series and a former employee of Capcom who served as a special advisor, community manager, and assisted them with their Street Fighter series. Seth also participated in the Super Battle Opera Tournament in Japan, where he represented the United States.[1][2]

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Rising ThunderEdit

Fighting game.

See Rising Thunder

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Domination 101 article series Edit

Seth is the author of a series of articles about fighting games and improving as a player.

Below is a list of articles by Seth Killian.

Interviews with ChristianEdit

See Interviews.

Trivia Edit

  • Seth was parodied in the fighting game, Divekick, by the character "S-kill." [needs citation]
  • The boss in Street Fighter 4 is named after Seth. [citation needed]

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  1. July 22, 2015, David Sirlin "I was a designer on one version of Street Fighter while Seth Killian assisted with other Street Fighter games. I was an Evolution staff member a long time ago while Seth still is. I wrote the book on competitive games, Playing to Win, while Seth wrote the great Domination 101 series. I even quote a few paragraphs of Domination 101 in Playing to Win. It's clear that we're cut from the same cloth and have similar experiences with competitive fighting games. We've each even represented the US at the Super Battle Opera Tournament in Japan."
  2. Seth Killian by Giant Bomb