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This wiki is a fan-made, community maintained resource about Rising Thunder.

Rising Thunder wiki aims to be an encyclopedic resource for Rising Thunder, including both historic and new information about the game, those who contributed to its development, and the community and events that surround it.

Since the wiki was founded in July 2015, 46 articles have been created. Any help in adding to and improving the wiki is appreciated.

NOTE: Radiant Games has been acquired by Riot Games and Rising Thunder will be permanently closed on March 18th

About Rising Thunder

Rising Thunder is a fighting game created by Radiant Entertainment. It was designed to have the features of traditional fighting games, but with greatly simplified controls to make the game more accessible, while still being deep and balanced in high level competitive play.

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  • See the Tournaments page for a list of upcoming and current tournaments—both those held in-person and online.


  • See the Events page for a list of upcoming and current tournaments—both those held in-person and online.

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  • See the Community groups page for a global list of Rising Thunder community groups that meet to play or discuss Rising Thunder—in-person or online.

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Rising Thunder - Teaser Trailer00:40

Rising Thunder - Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer for Rising Thunder

Chel imagined as a human female by Eric (@aurahack)_____________

See more fan art on the Fan art page.

Seth Killian discusses Rising Thunder’s fighter heresy, online focus, and MOBA inspiration by Mike Minotti

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