Rising Thunder is a free-to-play, online-only, PC-first fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment. It features simplified controls to make the game more accessible while still being deep and balanced, capable of standing up to years of high level competitive play.

About the gameEdit

Design Edit

Design decisions Edit

Decision Reason for decision

Mechanics Edit

Kinetic Advance

Kinetic Reflect



Controls Edit


Rising Thunder has eight buttons:

  • Three special buttons
  • Three normal move buttons
  • One throw button
  • One super button

Supported controllers Edit

See Controller support

Graphics Edit

Skills tested Edit

Apart from physical dexterity, Rising Thunder involves skills and knowledge required for other fighting games, such as:

  • yomi (ability to read your opponent)
  • valuation
  • character knowledge
  • knowledge of matchups (what to do versus a specific character)

Yomi and valuation

"Yomi" is Japanese for "reading," which, in the context of competitive games, refers to "knowing (reading) the mind of your opponent." [1]

Valuation refers to knowing the relative value of each move—both in relation to other movies, and in different situations.

Playing Rising Thunder will teach you to pay attention to small clues that indicate how people think and act, and to feel, trust, and interpret your intuitive hunches—your gut instinct. Yomi and valuation are skills that may be useful in other games (especially competitive games), and even other areas of your life.

Setting and lore Edit

Playable characters Edit

Rising Thunder is an asymmetric game (like most 2D and 3D fighting games), not a symmetric game (like Chess), which means players can choose between a cast of characters, each with unique moves, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that reflect that character's particular personality and style.

Rising Thunder - Meet the Robot Fighters Gameplay03:46

Rising Thunder - Meet the Robot Fighters Gameplay

An overview of the characters in Rising Thunder available during the first phase of the alpha test.

Main characters Downloadable content characters

Game modes Edit

Training mode Edit

Online ranked mode Edit

Matchmaking system

Soundtrack Edit

See Soundtrack

Stages Edit

See Stages


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History Edit

Pre-public alpha test Edit

Rising Thunder - Teaser Trailer00:40

Rising Thunder - Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer for Rising Thunder that was shown at the 2015 Evolution Tournament

Rising Thunder - Combos and Super Move Gameplay Montage02:54

Rising Thunder - Combos and Super Move Gameplay Montage

Footage of combos and supers from prior to the public alpha test.

Public alpha test Edit

Closure Edit

On March 8th 2016, Radiant Games announced their acquisition by Riot Games and that Rising Thunder would be permanently closed on March 18th.

Key contributors Edit

Name Contributions Relevant links
Tom Cannon
Tony Cannon
Seth Killian

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Official resources

Rising Thunder communities

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