덤벼봐! ("Come at me!")

Crow - Min Choi
"You're pathetic."
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Crow is one of the original six characters of Rising Thunder. Piloted by Min Choi and representing South Korea, Crow is a trickster-type character, with a heavy emphasis on mix-ups, misdirection and attacking from unique angles. With his agility, plasma cutter discs and personal stealth cloaking module, he is difficult to pin down and rewards a staggering offense to those who can master the guessing game.


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Biography Edit

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Quotes Edit

In-game quote Translation When they say it
우리가 신세계의 새로운 주인이 될것이다 We will be the new masters of the new world Character Selection
나보다 쎈놈은 없어 There is nobody stronger than me. Character Selection
내가 전쟁의 승리로 이끌었다 I led the the war to victory. Character Selection
눈 깜빡할 사이에 처치해주지 I'll get rid of you in a blink of an eye. Character Selection
나는 숭고한 능력을 타고났다 I was born with a noble ability. Character Selection
이 세계는 내것이 될거야 This world will be mine. Character Selection
순식간에 끝장내주지... 약골 I'll finish you instantly ... weakling. Match Start
한심하군 Pathetic After winning round
덤벼봐! Come at me! After winning game
받아라! Take this! Back Throw
죽어! Die! Alpha Special
멈춰! Stop! Beta 1 Special
골격 Cleaver (he says the second word in English) Bone Cleaver Beta 2 Special
죽음! Death! Air Gamma Special

Appearance Edit

Crow has a sleek, thin frame with few bulky parts, allowing for a smaller profile, greater range of movement and notable reach. Its overall agility is roughly on par with Chel, allowing acrobatic feats and unique angles of attack. It also possesses a unique head design, with distinct red visor across the front. General consensus says that Crow's overall design is strongly inspired by the EVA units from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime and manga series. Functionally, Crow's distinct features are its plasma cutter discs (both handheld and in larger forms as big as itself) and the Fog of War, a personal stealth cloaking device that emits a field that, when standing inside it, renders Crow almost completely invisible to the enemy.

Personality Edit

Min Choi, Crow's South Korean pilot, is a ruthless and cutthroat man who believes in victory at all costs. He and his colleagues appear to believe in a type of "mandate of heaven" or "manifest destiny," with the understanding that the world will be recreated in their image and that their rule is inevitable. With visions of world domination, Min Choi believes his power to be absolute and unassailable, even noble in origin, and he has no qualms about pointing it out to his enemies. His attacks are vicious, and his special attack names are equally as grim. To him, defeat at the hands of "pathetic weaklings" is impossible.

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Moveset Edit

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Movement Options Edit

Crow has an average-speed walk and a normal jump arc. He can dash a set distance either forward or backward with a double-tap in the desired direction. Holding the forward dash gives Crow a full run.

Normals Edit

Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Close Standing Light 30 50
Close Standing Medium 65 100
Close Standing Hard 100 200
Far Standing Light 30 50
Far Standing Medium 3 hits 25/25/25[75] 30/30/40[100]
Far Standing Heavy 110 200
Crouching Light 30 50
Crouching Medium 65 100
Crouching Heavy Sweep 100 150
Forward Medium Headbutt 75 100 Command overhead
Forward Heavy 105 150
Jumping Light Neutral 50 50
Jumping Light Angled 50 50
Jumping Medium Neutral 80 100
Jumping Medium Angled 80 100
Jumping Heavy Neutral 3 hits 35/35/35[105] 65/65/70/[200]
Jumping Heavy Angled 100 200
Jumping Down Heavy Crossup 100 200

Target Combos(Scaling is not accounted for) Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Target Combo 1 Close Medium > Medium Crow's only target combo 65/25/25/25 100/30/30/40

Specials Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Devil's Halo a.1 Crow throws an energy ring in an arc. Holding a direction while throwing determines its distance. Can be charged for more hits. 75[Uncharged]




Core Puncture B.1 115 200
Core Puncture[Air] B.1 This is the air move Crow does when using Soul Cleaver as well. Can be cancelled out of j.m. 100 150
Soul Cleaver B.2 A swipe with a flaming ring followed by a kick which causes wallbounce 50/60[110] 100/100[200]
Fog of War C.1 Crow is invisible to the other player while inside the bubble generated by Fog of War. Invincibility on startup.
Riposte C.2 Crow temporarily enters a defensive pose and flashes invisible. If the opponent strikes Crow during this pose, he automatically dashes forward/backward or neutral jumps, depending on the direction entered when performing the special.

Meter and Super Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Dead Ringer Overdrive.1 Slow moving, multi-hit projectile. Hits 7 times. 200 0

Combos Edit

Name Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
j.B follow-up cl.H xx f.A, cr.H Meterless follow-up to any j.B attack 220 370 damage excludes j.B
easy j.B follow-up cl.M, cr.H Meterless follow-up to any j.B basic link into sweep, sweep can cancel into disc for set-ups.
Post Soul Cleaver f.H, B Requires some timing, spacing dependant. 223 383 Cleaver follow-ups change depending on screen position
basic link into puncture cr.M cr.M xx B1 Basic hitconfirm into Puncture 186 300 Can be spacing and character specific, can be used to combo with puncture after a j.b
Corner post OD with S.2.2 f.H, H xx B, cr.H If you hit with OD in the corner with Cleaver the f.H is timing specific and can also corner carry enough for this to work away from the corner if you dash after the OD
Corner post OD with S2.1 f.H, f.M, H xx B Post OD corner combo with Puncture the f.H is timing specific and can also corner carry enough for this to work away from the corner if you dash after the OD
post Knockdown disc, 1 KA bar A, cr.L/M, KA9, j.2H, nj.M xx B Combo into disc from a low on wake-up Timing extremely difficult without a charged disc being thrown post knockdown. Inherently leads to reset. cr.L is useful with a charged disc if they attempt a throw on wake-up
post knockdown disc, 1 ka bar A, cr.M, cr.L, KA9 j.B Combo into j.B from low with disc Timing less strict without charged disc, can also use the cr.M to combo into S2.1
post knockdown disc, 1 ka bar from overhead A, f.M, KA9, j.B Combo starter from overhead after a Disc post knockdown Timing strict without charged disc, leads into j.B follow-ups.
Basic KA j.B loop cl.H xx f.A, KA 9, j.B Extending combo damage after a cl.H xx A Very reliabliable. Can lead into various enders. Disc can whiff, more likely with n.A
Hard KA loop cl.H xx f.A, KA6, nj.M xx B Extending combo damage after a cl.H xx A Needs to be f.A, timing very strict

Strategy Edit

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Crow's overall playstyle is all about mix-ups, baits and attacking from multiple vectors. He has good reach on a number of his normals, his Devil's Halo helps control space and provide a large number of setups, and his Beta specials like the Core Puncture and Bone Cleaver are good options for opening up an opponent and getting combos. Using his setups and attacks, especially combined with Kinetic Advance, allow him to come at the enemy from multiple angles all at once, forcing the enemy to block carefully to avoid damage.

However, Crow is not without his own weaknesses. In many cases, he identifies as a "glass cannon" type of character: he has a very strong and potent offense, but if the enemy responds with their own aggressive offense in kind, he tends to struggle. Crow currently doesn't have many good options on wakeup, and few of his tools let him push the enemy back and get them out of his face. If an enemy is able to block or otherwise escape from Crow's extreme mix-up game, Crow can be in trouble; if an enemy gets a hard knockdown on him, he will be in even bigger trouble.

Matchups Edit

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Chel Edit

Chel is the premier fireball fundamentalist of Rising Thunder, and for Crow, a matchup that requires equal dedication to fundamentals as the Chel player puts in. Chel plays a very honest game of throwing fireballs and uppercutting jumps, so it's recommended Crow combats this by abusing his strong, far reaching normals, from his optimal footsie range, that being at the max distance his Far Heavy Attack can hit. This interaction is the most difficult part of the MU for Crow, so it will get the most attention in this writeup. At that distance Crow can neutral jump fireballs, and then take advantage of Chel's cooldown to poke at her, while staying outside of the range of any of her better pokes. Chel can react a few ways from here, but most of these reactions are more so in your favor than the zoning interaction she usually forces.

Chel can hang back and wait for her fireball to cool down, which lets you charge/ throw S1 and begin to apply Crows strong pressure game. Often, throwing an S1 with Crow can make jumping in seem appealing, but, in this situation, it's a hugely better idea to walk forward after throwing the S1, as this will let you block (or outspace) any panic retaliation from Chel, like her S2 or S3, and punish accordingly. Even if the Chel has the wherewithal to sit and block the S1, you can try to make her guess between blocking high or low, with Crow's f.M or cr.M, or even force a dirtier mixup with cr.M > Kinetic Advance > Neutral Jump M > Aerial S2 > Full combo. Whether you burn Kinetic Meter or not will be up to the situation/ your discretion, but this matchup largely hinges on you getting in on Chel and staying in, so spending meter to provide that opportunity for yourself works in tandem with your overall goals in the MU.

Another approach Chel can take to the S1 pressure is to try to avoid having to block it, either by approaching you, or moving away from you. Either of these situations work in your favor more than the last example as Chel is either approaching under your pressure, and letting you lead the interaction, in the up close game, which is much more Crow's Domain than Chel's, or moving backwards to try to alleviate your pressure, which still works handily as this just lets Crow walk Chel to the corner, after a few repeats of this interaction. Once Chel's in the corner Crow gets to command the flow of the neutral, and the pressure of being cornered will force the Chel player to make riskier, and more punishable plays. In that situation your best bet is to let Chel make moves, and react to them, rather than force yourself to apply pressure which the Chel is already feeling.

From their the MU consists of a few, much simpler situations.

The first being Chel throwing fireballs at full screen, which you can jump over once they're thrown, and opt to block and walk forward as you get closer to the middle distance where you can engage in the aforementioned footsie interaction.

The second being applying pressure with Crow, which should be handled the same as you do in any MU against a character with a competent uppercut, which is to say, forcing hard knockdown off of either, combos that end with S2.1 (if that's your chosen special) or combos that end with cl.M > cr.H if you're using S2.2, and throwing S1's from outside wake up uppercut's range, until it is used. Once the Chel player whiffs it, feel free to go for your full punish combo, in whatever capacity you can.

And the third consisting of getting pressured by Chel at close range. Chel doesn't have any particularly noteworthy tools in this regard, and has to rely on a cross up, grab, or throw mixup. The most tricky thing in this interaction is Chel's f.M which is not an overhead, but is airborn, and through that will beat lows and grabs. A combination of good blocks, good techs, and understanding when to poke out of block strings will get you out of this interaction. An aside on this interaction is that it is more disadvantageous for Chel than it would first appear, as she's relying on keeping you under pressure. The moment you escape pressure, you're close enough to circumvent the fireball game, and start giving her trouble.

A note on this MU is that many Chel players will opt to pick S2.2 as it is less punishable and with shorter cooldown, and Kinetic Deflect, as it'll throw you across the screen, and force you to fight your way back to advantage. If Chel is running S2.2, you often won't have enough time to close the distance and hit with any of your good combo starting close normals, so you'll have to opt for the knockdown, either with cr.M > S2.1, or cr.H (if you run S2.2), and throw S1's just outside of its range on their wakeup. Alternatively you can go for crossups/ high low pressure, as it's not guaranteed damage, but it is pressure safe from uppercut, for a few moments. In regards to Kinetic Deflect Chel, all I can recommend is keeping combos short, and making sure they end in hard knockdown, that keeps you close. You can also counter their meter usage to force you out, by spending Kinetic Advance meter to force your way in with mixups, be it far Heavy > Kinetic Advance > grab/ crossup, or S2.1/ S2.2 on block > Kinetic advance > grab/ crossup/ neutral jump/ low.

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Revisions Edit

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Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

Alpha Edit

Build 1235 Edit

  • Extended hurt-boxes on some moves to better match their active hitboxes: Crow’s far s.H
  • Fixed a strange movement issue with Crow’s forward throw against Dauntless.

Build 1372

  • New S3 variant! Activating Riposte sends Crow into an armored parry pose. If he is struck in this pose, he can go either into a forward dash (F+S3), a backdash (B+S3), or a neutral jump (S3 with no direction pressed).
    • Dev Notes: If Crow has excellent timing and Ripostes the opponent's move within the first 5 frames of his activation, he can cut the Riposte's cooldown in half.
  • Devil’s Halo no longer defaults to the neutral version after tapping F+S1 or B+S1.
    • Dev Notes: Kinetic-canceling the directional versions should now be easier to perform. This was simply an input buffer bug that took longer than expected to track down and fix.

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  • Crow's original name was Tenshi.

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