"Gracias chicos, ese duelo fue para ustedes."

Chel - Ana Itza
"Se aproxima el robot gigante!"
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Chel is one of the original six characters of Rising Thunder. Hailing from Mexico and piloted by the perky Ana Itza, Chel is a zoning-type character and is a textbook shotokan-type fighter that hits all the bullet points: a fireball (and air fireball), a special anti-air uppercut, and a position-advancing series of flying kicks. With expert control of space and patience, she can always keep her enemy right where she wants them. She is the only other character - alongside Dauntless - to possess an "Easy" difficulty rating.


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Biography Edit

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In-game quote Translation When they say it
I'll be the last one standing. Vamos! I'll be the last one standing. Let's go! Match intro
Estrella! Star! Night Sun (S1)
No no! / Nope! Air Night Sun (S1)
Crush Breeze! Crush Breeze (S2v1)
Eclipse! Spiral Eclipse (S2v2)
Te tengo! I got you! Stinging Wind (S3v2) While perfoming the 5th hit
Sonríe! Smile! Throw
Where're you going?! Back Throw
Adiós! Goodbye! Air Throw
Supeeeeeernova! Overdrive
In your face! Round won
Otro que muerde el polvo! Another one bites the dust! Round won
Booyah! Round won
Como te quedo el ojo? How do you like that? Round won
Gracias chicos! Este duelo fue para ustedes! Thanks boys! This duel was for you! Match won
Se aproxima el robot gigante! The giant robot approaches! Character menu screen
Ready to kick some butts? Character menu screen
Fantástico! Fantastic! Character menu screen
Hola amigos! Hey friends! Character menu screen
Saluden a la heroína! Greet the heroine! Character menu screen
Vamos patear algunos traseros! Let's go kick some butts! Character menu screen

Appearance Edit

Chel is the shortest of all the mechs in the game, but what she lacks in size and mass, she makes up for with sleek design. The mech has a svelte, smooth silver appearance and is obviously feminine in design, complete with visible bust and even a "ponytail" of ruffled purple "hair" coming out the back of the head. With malleable joints and torso, its small profile and smooth design, Chel is a mech that favors agility over raw power, able to naturally twist and contort her body for feats of acrobatics. Apart from the head of hair, its other notable physical feature is the design of the head, which looks like the beak of a falcon or other bird-of-prey, complete with "feathers" represented by the hair. Functionally, Chel features jets in the palms of her hands and small jets of plasma from her fingers to augment her melee attacks. Her biggest calling card is her plasma cannon in her arm(s) that can replace her hand in the blink of an eye and shoot varying balls of plasma energy, depending on how much she charges it.

Personality Edit

Ana Itza, Chel's pilot, is an upbeat, perky ball of energy who seems to genuinely have fun all the time and always keeps a bright outlook on life. She is approachable, friendly and puts great stock in her friends and family, often dedicating her victories to them. As well, she thinks piloting a mech is an absolute blast of a time. Of course, Ana can get serious when the time calls for it, and she's a resolute woman who won't back down from a challenge. That doesn't mean she won't laugh during a battle, rub a victory in her enemy's nose, or even call herself a heroine of sorts. She's also something of a naturalist, if her special attacks using mystical and natural names are anything to be believed. Many of her attacks make reference to the moon, the stars and the wind.

Theme Music Edit

Moveset Edit

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A very shoto-like combatant with excellent projectile pressure, Chel can keep opponents away, play a mean footsie game, or strike with strong and stylish combos.

Movement Options Edit

Chel has above-average walk speed and a normal jump arc. Chel can delay her jump arc with her air Night Sun (S1v1). She has a sprinting forward dash that continues until you let go of forward. She has a poor, short backdash.

Normals Edit

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Data Cancellable Notes
Standing Light (L) Swift high kick 30 50 Target/Chain Combo L, Special, Overdrive, Kinetic The second kick of the Target Combo will rarely connect. It is a lower kick than the first. You will likely be out of range
Standing Medium (M) Forward moving kick with her shin 70 100 Overdrive, Kinetic
Standing Heavy (H) Big upward roundhouse kick 110 200 Overdrive, Kinetic Good for far Anti Air where S2 will miss
Close Light (cl.L) Quick thrusting chop attack. 30 50 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Does not hit crouching opponents.
Close Medium (cl.M) Energy-infused palm blade attack to the midsection 65 100 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Can be combo'd with Light attacks or cr.M
Close Heavy (cl.H) Rising, energy blade strike. 100 200 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Forces Standing on hit
Crouching Light (cr.L) Quick chop to the feet 30 50 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic
Crouching Medium (cr.M) Surgical energy blade attack at the feet 65 100 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Combos with S1 at certain ranges, but not max
Crouching Heavy (cr.H) Wide sweeping strike with her energy blades. Causes hard knockdown 100 150 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Does not combo with any cancel due to hard knockdown
Forward Medium (f.M) Spinning back hopkick 75 100 Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Combos with S2v1, S2v2, S3v2.
Forward Heavy (f.H) Chel lunges in with her blade, stabbing two times. 120 (60+60) 200 (100+100) Overdrive, Kinetic Either hit can be cancelled. This is her main combo starter.
Target Combo f.H -> f.M Lunges forward with a quick one-two blade attack and combos into the sipinning hopkick 180 (60+60+60) 280 (100+100+80) Special, Overdrive, Kinetic Either hit can be cancelled into f.M. Combos with S2v1, S2v2, S3v2
Throw Chel brings her opponent in close to her hand blaster and shoots them into the sky 100 (50+50) 50 Kinetic Second hit occurs when opponent connects with ground. Does not connect if followed up into a different attack
Air Throw Grabs her opponent in the air and shoots them, sending them far away 110 (55+55) 125
Back Throw Chel gives a quick shoulder charge and then flips her opponent over her back. 125 (25+100) 150
Neutral Jumping Light (nj.L) Flying elbow strike 50 50 Special 1
Neutral Jumping Medium (nj.M) Horizontal energy blade chop 80 100
Neutral Jumping Heavy (nj.H) Downward energy blade stab 100 200
Neutral Jumping Cross Up (nj.d.H) Chel flips upside down to thrust her energy blades back at the enemy 100 200 Hits cross-up only.
Jumping Light (j.L) Fast upward-angled flying kick 50 50 Special 1
Jumping Medium (j.M) Horizontal quick kick 80 100
Jumping Heavy (j.H) Downward flying kick 100 200 Can be followed up with f.H if it connects late enough.
Jumping Cross Up (j.d+H) Chel flips upside down to thrust her energy blades back at the enemy 100 200 Hits cross-up only.

Specials Edit

Name Input Description Damage Stun Cooldown Frame Data Notes
Night Sun (S1v1) Alpha Chel blasts a ball of energy from her hand cannon. Chel can also perform this attack in the air, using her jet boosters to steady her altitude and aim. 75 100 1.2 Hitting an enemy with the Night Sun, even blocking, will reduce the cooldown. Can be performed in the air.

Hold forward or backward while firing to adjust the flight speed.

Solar Flare (S1v2) Alpha Chel fires a downward-angled blast of energy from her plasma cannon that knocks the enemy down. 80 100 Compared to Night Sun, it has a faster startup and flies faster, but it has shorter range, has a longer cooldown and can't be used in the air.
Crush Breeze (S2v1) Beta Chel soars high into the air with a twirling uppercut. If she connects, she follows up with a flipping double axe kick to spike the enemy back to the ground 125 (80 + 45) 200 (125 + 75) 6.0 Follow up causes a ground bounce
Spiral Eclipse (S2v2) Beta Chel springs into the air with a short spiral uppercut. 100 150 4.5
Dancing Wind (S3v1) Gamma Chel flies forward with trio of kicks and ends with a upwards launching kick. 100 (20 + 20 + 15 + 45) 170 (40 + 40 + 30 + 60) 7.0 All but the last hit will whiff on crouching opponents. Partial projectile invincibility after start up
Stinging Wind (S3v2) Gamma Chel strikes with a quick jumping knee and follows through with a series of flying kicks. She finishes with an energy infused palm strike. 110 (20 + 20 + 20 + 50) 200 (40 + 40 + 40 + 80) 5.0 Faster than Dancing Wind's startup Only the first and last hit crouching when blocked. On hit, all 4 will connect. Partial projectile invincibility after start up
Soaring Wind (S3v3) Gamma Chel sails through the air at a high angle with a trio of flying kicks, ending with a wallbouncing dropkick. Whiffs against standing targets

Meter and Super Edit

Name Input Description Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Supernova Overdrive Chel charges and releases a massive multi-hitting energy ball that travels across the screen. Like Night Sun, Chel can hold forward or backwards to speed up or slow down the projectile. 250 (45+45+45+45+70) 0 Can be Kinetic Advance cancelled

Combos Edit

Name Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
Combo off Lights! cr.L xx cr.L xx cr.L xx S3.2 The rare chance to combo off Lights for Chel. And re-establishes distance for zoning 114 200 This is a very useful hit confirm.
Combo off Lights to Overdrive! cr.L xx cr.L xx S2 KA f.Dash, Overdrive Rare combo off light confirm 202 165 Must be very close for S2 to combo.
Combo Off Lights without Overdrive! cr.L xx cr.L xx S2.1, cr.H Rare combo off light confirm 153 255 Must be very close for S2 to combo.
Basic Confirm cl.M, cr.M xx S1.1 Confirming combos off jump in pressure. 162 240 Use cr.M to confirm if you've connected or not when using as pressure
Pressure Confirm f.M, S2 If f.M is blocked then this is makes them stop pushing buttons after f.M. Especially useful when 167 260 This is a gamble when blocked.
Forward Confirm f.H, cr.M xx S1.1 Pushing forward on the opponent to keep pressure. 207 340 Use cr.M to confirm if they have blocked or not.
Crush Breeze Reversal Combo and Basic Juggle Ender S2.1, [cl.H xx S1]/[cr.H]/[S3.2] Capitalizing off the random S2 or finishing a combo from S3.1 185 290 Use cr.H for hard knockdown, but cl.H xx S1 for damage. Or S3.2 if you have it.
Crush Breeze Damage Ender S2.1, cl.M, H Most damage without specials for Crush Breeze 214 350 Good for finishing or stun
Safe S2 Reversal with Overdrive S2 xx KA f.dash,f.Overdrive Capitalizing off a safe KA'd S2 280 200 You can also [KA f.Jump, Air Throw, f.Super] but that is less damage
Safe Eclipse KA Dash Combo S2.2 xx KA f.dash, S3.1, cl.H xx S2.2 High damage off S2.2 and comboing into S3.1 235 381 One of the only ways to capitalize off Eclipse besides sweep.
Safe S2 Reversal without Overdrive S2 xx KA f.Dash, cr.H Capitalizing off Safe KA'd S2 140 215
Crush Breeze Reversal Overdrive without KA S2.1, cl.H xx Overdrive Comboing into Overdrive without KA 335 320 The S2.1 followup must be late. Too early and opponent will fall out. Must be close for cl.H to connect. cr.M can be used instead for more reliable combo and 314 damage
Easy Forward Throw Into Overdrive f.Throw xx KA f.Dash, f.Overdrive Easily comboing into Overdrive from f.Throw 250 50 You can also [KA f.Jump, Air Throw, f.Overdrive] but that is less damage
Forward Throw into Overdrive f.Throw xx KA f.Dash, cl.H xx S2.1, cl.H xx Overdrive Capitalizing off Forward Throw with meter 286 331
Forward Throw Combo 1 f.Throw xx KA f.Dash, cl.H xx S2.1, cr.H Capitalize off Forward throw without Overdrive 203 316
Forward Throw Combo 2 f.Throw xx KA f.Dash, S3.2 Minor capitalization on forward throw. 116 170 Use for corner carry
Forward Throw Combo 3 f.Throw xx KA f.Dash, S2.2, S3.2 Eclipse variant combo from forward throw. 160 230 Use Eclipse early after the dash, hitting with the later active frames.
Forward Throw Combo 4 f.Throw xx KA f.Jump, fj.H, Air Throw, f.S1.1 Forward Throw combo without S2 or S3 specials 157 256
Meterless Grounded Punish 1 f.H, cr.M xx S3.1, S2.1, cr.H Punishing with no meter 294 480
Meterless Grounded Punish 2 f+H xx f+M xx S2.1, S3.2 Punishing with no meter 288 460
50% KA Force Stand Combo f.H, cr.M xx S1.1 KA f.Dash, cl.H xx S3.1, S2.1, cr.H Punish with 1 bar 329 535
50% KA Alternative Combo f.H, cr.M xx S1.1 KA f.Dash, cl.H xx S2.1, S3.2 Alternative punish with 1 bar and S3.2 307 505
Gounded Punish 100% KA f.H, cr.M xx S1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S1.1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S3.1, S2.1, cl.H When you need that big punish but don't have Overdrive. 364 595 You can also perform S1 KA f.Dash, cl.M, cr.M xx S1... but this is less damage and stun
Gounded Punish Alternative 1 100% KA f.H, cr.M xx S1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S1.1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S2.1, cl.H Punish without Overdrive or S3 340 555
Gounded Punish Alternative 2 100% KA f.H, cr.M xx S1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S1.1 xx KA f.dash, cl.H xx S2.1, S3.2 342 565
Grounded Overdrive Punish 0% KA f.H xx f.M xx S2.1, cl.H xx Overdrive Get them with your Overdrive but no KA 368 400 Again, cr.M in place of cl.H is helpful to make a more consistent Overdrive combo, but possible with either.
100% Resources Jump in Combo j.H, f.H, cr.M xx S1.1 xx KA, cl.H xx S1.1 xx KA, cl.H xx S2.1, cl.H xx Overdrive Biggest damage when you land that precious jump in H. 451 645 Variants of this combo serve as Chel's main punish combos. Drop KA loop as necessary (The Overdrive at the end is not a true string)
100% KA Jump In Combo no Overdrive j.H, f.H, cr.M xx S1.1 xx KA, cl.H xx S1.1 xx KA, cl.H xx S3.1, S2.1, cr.H/cl.HxxS1 Most Stun when you land that jump in H 369 675
Zoning Chel BnB cr.l, cr.l xx S3.2
must be using the variant-2 of special 3. The variant-1 startup is too slow to combo from cr.light. Pushes opponent far away. Good for maintaining zone control. 120 210

Zoning Chel Super hit-confirm

cr.l, cr.l xx S2 xx KA, Super
Standard Ryu super setup. Requires 1 bar of meter. 202 165

Reversal S2v1 into Super (meterless) S2v1, very late cr.M xx Super Late cr.M after the S2v1 ground bounce allows meterless Super. 314 260
Chel - Moves

Chel - Moves

Strategy Edit

General Edit

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Matchups Edit

Main cast Edit

Edge Edit

Edge has a significant advantage against Chel when he is at fullscreen. He can absorb fireballs with his special 1, slide under them with his dashing specials, and his jump H can beat Chel's anti-air stand H at many ranges. If Chel attempts to jump in at far range, Edge's uppercut will cleanly beat most jump attempts. Edge can use his speed to create openings from this range. However, Edge's normals don't stand up well against Chel in a closer fight.

Walk towards Edge and try to get him close to your cr.H max range. His normals from this range are a little slow to start up, and without super he can't do anything about cr.H -> fireball. His run specials are too close to use at this range, and his jumps will all cross you up and can be easily S2'd out of the air. Chel can also abuse fireball at this range because it is too close to react to with jump, but too far to stuff with normals. Edge has no armored normal moves, so fireball will reliably beat his normals in a footsie battle.

If Edge tries to back out of this range, Chel can simply walk closer to him. This brings him closer to the corner and preserves the range Chel is strongest at. Resist the urge to jump at Edge, as you'll always want Chel to have her S2 ready and Edge has much stronger jumping attacks than Chel.

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Dauntless Edit

Fireball pressure from 3/4th's to Full Screen of the screen away is generally really safe. Fireball KA neutral jump Fireball can prevent some shenanigans. Also if you can keep her that far away, you can react to a Cold Drill by waiting till she is next to you and either jabbing, grabbing it, or DPing it as it loses it's armor when the hit portion of the attack starts. However, as soon as she gets overdrive, you will want to change up your gameplan. Good Dauntless players will punish fireballs with their overdrive after they have reached a far enough distance that they cannot be Kinetic Canceled.

When in the neutral game, you want to generally stop throwing fireballs. C. Jab is probably your best option to stick out as it is hard for her to whiff punish it. Far Heavy (the Kick) is pretty good if you are at max range and can read a jump as it will stuff any startup for any jump. It is risky though because you can be Cold Drilled or Diesel Striked out of it. If you miss a C. Heavy, you will probably eat a C.Medium combo so beware of that as well. If you think you can read crouching pokes such as her C.Jab or C.Medium, F. Medium can sail over it. Generally good Dauntless players will eat Chel for breakfast in the neutral so you want to always try to play reactionary. This may mean eating a few throws, but it is better then being comboed all the way into the corner.

Chel Edit
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Forward Medium can sail over fireballs and low attacks if timed properly. It can be used to counter a Chel that is spamming fast fireballs and sweeps.

Crow Edit
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Talos Edit

Talos can only threaten Chel when he is at about the distance of the match starting positions or closer. Any farther away than that and Talos has no tools that can hit Chel. If Chel can keep Talos from getting within that range, she can pelt him with fireballs until he loses.

When Talos is in his preferred range, he has a few options. If he's running Spartan Rush, he can throw that out to close the distance and setup for a command grab. If you suspect this you can stuff or trade with it using standing jab. Her fireball is normally too slow to stop a Spartan Rush and will get stuffed. Talos can also dash forward and do towards + H, which is armored and wallbounces for a combo. If you block this you can punish with stand H, crouch H, super, stinging wind or anything with range that starts up quickly. Talos can also dash up and go for the command throw, though if you're jabbing to stop a Spartan Rush it will also stuff his dash. Generally you'll want to neutral jump this, but you can also use Chel's forward + M into S2 if you're confident he's going for the throw.

Chel can control this match easily though, and most of the match should consist of Talos battling to get into his range. Mix up your fireball speeds so that he has difficulty timing jumps, and make liberal use of stand H to clip jump ins from far ranges. Talos will often want to jump in at a range far enough away you can't uppercut, but stand H will normally hit him if he tries this. You can also walk forward and S2 him if he's going for tricky jump spacing. If he backs up, move closer but always mind your distance and never walk into his preferred range. As you throw fireballs, walk back and forth so that he'll have more difficulty lining up jumps.

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Vlad Edit
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Downloadable characters Edit

Revisions Edit

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Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

Alpha Edit

Build 1235 Edit

  • Chel’s Stinging Wind (S3v2) is a new advancing attack with faster startup and recovery!
  • Extended hurt-boxes on some moves to better match their active hitboxes:
  • Chel’s c.M, c.H, and F+M
  • Standardized block pushback caused by normal sweep attacks:
  • Chel’s c.H
  • Corrected an issue that gave the first hit of Chel’s F+H an extra frame of hit stun.
  • Chel’s Overdrive damage has been reduced from 275 to 250.

Build 1263 Edit

  • S2 block stun reduced to 15 frames.
  • S2 no longer hits opponents behind Chel.

Build 1312 Edit

  • New S3 variant! Soaring Wind opens up new juggle opportunities, especially after Chel’s Crush Breeze.
  • Slightly reduced horizontal ranges of c.H, Crush Breeze, and Spiral Eclipse.
  • Slightly lowered damage inflicted by far s.H, F+H, Crush Breeze, Dancing Wind, and Stinging Wind.
  • Increased Spiral Eclipse recovery by 2 frames.
  • Expanded F+M hurt-boxes downward just enough to get hit by common mid-height attacks.
  • Crush Breeze and Spiral Eclipse now inflict reduced damage and stun after their 3rd active frames.
  • Simplified Night Sun cooldowns to 1.5 seconds across all speeds (previously 1 second for fast version, 1.25 for medium, and 1.5 for slow).

Build 1330 Edit

  • Increased Soaring Wind base damage from 100 to 120, and reduced cooldown from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Adjusted Soaring Wind juggle properties to ensure that all three hits connect after the first hit (in most cases), but removed the guaranteed follow-up after the wall bounce.

Alpha to Beta Edit

Beta to Retail Edit

Trivia Edit

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