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Deciding on a notation standard for combo and moves lists

So, we need to come up with a standard notation for all the character pages. 
You can see what we currently use here:

Use this thread to share what you feel is optimal, so we can arrive at something that is both efficient yet accessible.
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Deciding on a standard for displaying hits and damage for character moves

Character pages list the moves each character has, along with:

The amount hits that move does
The damage of each of those hits
Total damage the move does
Example . 

Almkrona wrote:Also yes, when I type something like "100/75(175)", it means "first hit does 100 damage, next hit does 75 damage, for a total of 175". Different fighting game wiki's have various ways of doing this. Shoryuken Wiki have it "50x3*30", which means "3 hits that do 50 damage each, and then another hit for 30". We should probably agree on a standard way of typing out information so not every other page or so goes by different rules. 

I agree--we need some sort of standard. 
Let's discuss that here.
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How should we decide what media is featured?

There is a Featured media page where we document media that's been featured on the front page of the wiki. 
Let's discuss how we can decide what content gets featured.
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Adding information to the wiki – how you can help

Some sources of information:

Rising Thunder - Wisdom of the Crowd Guide
If you would like some ideas of what needs doing, see the Projects page (to do list). 
Please remember to:

reference information you add to the wiki (i.e. add a link or information about where you got the information)
Respect people's copyright and remember that content on this wiki is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license unless you specify otherwise. E.g. Things that are okay:
enclosing a few paragraphs in quotes is okay falls within fair use
adding an image that is copyright someone else, but used under fair use laws, or with permission. Just be sure to add that information to the image page and select the appropriate license when you upload the image.
For more (boring, but helpful) information about licensing, see:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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